Title: The Key to Eraserhead
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The Key to Eraserhead

David Lynch's Greatest Secret Unlocked!

The Key to Eraserhead unlocks David Lynch's greatest secret. Over four decades, viewers have struggled to find answers for Lynch's bizarre, debut feature film. For the first time, this graphic novel reveals the mystery text that inspired the absurd details sprinkled throughout the movie. The approach is simple and easy to understand - the artist shows frames from the film and overlays the previously secret lines from the mystery text. Readers get the joy of making the connections and are invited to decide for themselves if the links are real.

The connection to the "mystery text" gives new insight to the characters, story, and plot of the film. The overall meaning of Eraserhead is revealed and the apparent nightmare of dark terror is transformed into an uplifting and rewarding tale of celestial scale.

Author: J. A. Fairhurst
Format: Graphic Novel eBook
Pages: 72
Publication Date: March 19, 2017
Category: ART | Film & Video;
Publisher: Intethic Solutions, LLC.

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