Title: The Key to Eraserhead
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...why Henry must carve the chicken.

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For decades (since March 19th, 1977)...
...people have watched Eraserhead.
But according to David Lynch...
I first saw Eraserhead on a scrambled movie channel around 1980.
I loved how crazy, funny, and weird it was. And I remembered almost every scene.
In the 2000s, I saw it again an searched for Eraserhead's meaning.
Turns out, there were a whole lot of theories out there.
But nothing really tied it all together.
Then one day, I stumbled on something a reviewer wrote about Henry.
And that helped me find...
The Key to Eraserhead.
The Key explains...
...why the Man in the Planet is crusty.
...why Henry soils his sock.
...why there are weeds on the dresser.
...what's up with the coin.
...why Mary tells Henry that he's late.
...why Mr. X goes on about his knees.
...why Henry must carve the chicken.
...why the chicken bleeds.
...why the dinner is cold.
...why the lady is in the raditor. ...and why the cheeks.
...why Henry has a hot tub in his bed.
...why Henry fiddles with the pipe.
...why a kid with a cap runs off with Henry's head.
...why Paul presses a buzzer.
...why the baby becomes huge.
...and yes, the Key even explains the hair.
But before I hand you the Key.
Open your mind and dream the film one more time.
Then ponder its meaning.
Because once you use the key...
You'll never see Eraserhead the same way again.
See the film.
Are you ready?
Step up, look inside, and uncover the true meaning of Eraserhead.
When the hidden images from man's greatest work are revealed, the end is nigh. It shall pass not when the last man dies, but as the final child is born.
Welcome. Lynch threw us a clue in the Eraserhead Genesis story.
Lynch tells the story...
and continues the story...
and finished the story.
Did you catch that?
The clue was...

The Key to Eraserhead is available on

The Key to Eraserhead is available on